How to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style

Hi all,

There’s only two days left until Christmas. Have you checked everything off of your to-do list? I haven’t! I have good news and bad. The good news, I’ve been good all year! The bad news, I didn’t complete my cozy kitchen nook due to a family emergency.

However, after the holidays, I will get it done. Although, there are a few items I need to purchase, in order to finish the project. I think it will be nice when it’s done.

Now, are you ready to find out how you can have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style? If so, keep reading!

Go all out with the decorating. It’s okay to walk on the wild side for a few weeks.

Number 1. Go all out with the decorating. I love to decorate for Christmas. For years, I opted for the traditional red and green scheme. Then one Christmas, I decided to go all out with the decorating. So, in came the animal print. It’s okay to walk on the wild side for a few weeks. Just, do what you love!

Number 2. Put a bow on it. A bow makes everything look festive. Don’t you agree? Instead of a ring, put a bow on it? I know that statement went right over your head. Lol! 

Loving the wild side? Don’t stop now, give your table a touch of the unexpected as well.

Number 3. Wow guests with a themed parting gift. To spice things up: give your guests a parting gift they will never forget. We gave our guests miniature desserts in cute red boxes from Dollar Tree. We added brown organza bows and a fancy animal ornament to up the ante. You like?

To add extra pizazz to the table, why not use your napkins less conventionally. Get creative, and pop them inside the wine glasses. Your guests will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Our room design was loved by many. So much so, we were chosen as the designer of the year.

Number 4. Showcase your talents If your are a creative, this is a great way to get exposure. Years ago, we had the privilege of being invited to Bok Tower’s Holiday Home Tour at Pinewood Estates. The theme for that year was movies. Can you guess what movie we chose? The movie we chose to create the dining room was “Out of Africa.” Our room was loved by so many, we won the designer of the year award!

Number 5. Create memorable moments Not a fan of the wild side? That’s not a problem. You can create picture-perfect moments that are magical and memorable no matter what style you choose.

upstairs office turned winter wonderland.

Number 6. Have as many trees as you like. Instead of one tree, why not put one in every room? Then, host your own Holiday Home Tour.

How to Create A Magical Outdoor Space for the Holidays

Number 7. Shop till you drop, on a budget, of course. And don’t forget to shed a little sparkle and light on those around you! And that’s how you have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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