What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

Happy New year, I’m back!

As some of you may know. I had big plans to makeover my kitchen nook before Christmas, but life
happened. So, I didn’t get a chance to complete it. However, once things settle down, I’ll get it done.

I took all the pics with my iPhone

I figured since a large majority of us are recovering from the Holidays. Today would be a great day for a short story. So, grab a cup of coffee/tea and get comfortable. It’s storytime! By the way, I added some pics I took of the sky on random occasions, for your viewing pleasure! lol.

For several years I had the privilege of working with special needs children. One of my duties was to monitor students via support services. Basically, I was responsible for keeping the students safe on their journey/bus ride to and from school.

Children are downright unpredictable, and whoever said, “Kids say the darnedest things was correct”!

The name was changed to protect the innocent

Ms. Lory, Ms. Lory, I could hear a voice yelling from the corridor, but I had no idea whose it was. For several seconds I could hear my name being shouted. Finally, the tiny figure emerged. It was Chase.

Chase was the cutest little boy ever. His spiked hair was the perfect shade of blonde, and his big beautiful blue eyes were the icing on the cake. Talk about a poster child: Chase could be one.

Chase was in full trot as he reached the bus. He immediately grabbed the handrails. Next, he motioned to me with his finger as if to say, give me a moment. Then he slumped over in an attempt to catch his breath. For several seconds he remained in this collapsed position. Are you okay? I asked. Finally, he looked up at me with the biggest grin and nodded yes.

Ms. Lory, can you sit with me today? I have something I need to tell you. Chase was bubbling over with enthusiasm, and I could see how excited and anxious he was to share. So I agreed. When all the students were seated, I proceeded to the front of the bus to hear his exciting news.

Ms. Lory Ms. Lory, Chase shouted. Before I could get the words quiet down out of my mouth. The students said in unison, “You are too loud.” “Please, use your inside voice.” I chuckled, then I diverted my attention to Chase once again.

By now, Chase had calmed down, but I could still see the excitement in his eyes. Okay, let’s hear it! Before the words could fall from my lips, he had started the arduous task of trying to get something out of his pocket. I quickly reached over and loosened his seatbelt. And In a matter of seconds, what looked like a tooth was nestled in the palm of his hand.

What on earth! Is that your tooth? I gave the tooth a quick glance, and it was perfect, except for the small chip, in the center. He was grinning ear to ear as he answered, “Yes.” I pulled it out all by myself at recess.

As we drew closer to his stop, I wrapped the tooth in tissue. Then I told him what to do with the tooth when he got home. To make sure he understood, I asked him to repeat the instructions before leaving the bus.

First, take the tooth out of my pocket and show it to my Mom. Then, put it under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy. “You are so smart,” I exclaimed. He gave me a big hug then exited the bus.

The next day, I was like a kid in the candy store. I was anxiously awaiting Chase’s arrival. When we approached the stop, as per usual, Chase boarded the bus, greeted me with a partial smile, and then sat down. Hmm, I thought. Is he going to keep me in suspense until we reach the school?

I was on pins and needles when the bus reached its destination. When we came to a complete stop, the students began to exit. Chase was always the last to leave the bus, and today was no different. As he stood to disembark, I eagerly called out to him.

Chase, what did the Tooth Fairy leave you? He turned in slow motion, in the direction of my voice. Once our eyes met, he said with a solemn blank stare on his face, “Nothing, the tooth was chipped.”

I was mortified as Chase exited the bus. Plus, I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around his response. The words, the tooth was chipped kept spinning around in my mind like a scratched record on a record player.

Can someone please tell me when did the Tooth Fairy become so picky? And when did she stop accepting teeth with imperfections? There has to be an explanation!!!

Did she get held up in Fairyville? Did she outsource the job? Did she oversleep? Did she go to the wrong house? Did she forget? My inquiring mind wants to know!

Can somebody, anybody, please tell me; What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

My darlings, enjoy the rest of your week!

Chat soon

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