A Cozy Kitchen Nook for Christmas

Hi all,

I talked to Santa! And he gave me the go-ahead to transform my kitchen nook for Christmas. Lol! What can I say? I’ve been nice. So, follow along as I whip this space into shape.


I’ve lived in this apartment for the past 3 1/2 years. Truthfully, that wasn’t the plan. Year two, I was supposed to be out of here, so I thought. Life happened, and here I am, still in my undecorated apartment. Who knew?

The Plan

Is to complete the transformation before Christmas. So, I only have 5 weeks to get this done. I have some items on hand that I plan to use. But I will share that in a later post.

Are your ready to see what I’m working with?

There are two things that I love about this space. One the windows, and two, it has a view of the golf course.

One day while eating a York Peppermint Pattie ( Don’t you love those?) I got the sensation to decorate, and this is what happened! You can’t blame a gal for trying!

Now that we’ve covered that, I may as well give you the run down of what stays and goes. The table is only 39 inches. If I can find a larger one, it must go.

The chairs are from Pier 1. I found them at Goodwill for an incredible price. However, they were this color when I purchased them. I guess I’m not the only one that got the sensation to do something.

What do you think of my imitation antler chandelier? I purchased it from Goodwill for $12 and added the feather garland. I know it’s different but I love it.

If you look closely, you will notice that she’s missing an eye. Y’all, know I meant to say bulb. #blooper! Anywho, the chandelier stays. I promise on reveal day she will be lit!

I don’t think I need to address the window treatment, do you? But, you never know what I might do.

My darlings, Saturday was such a glorious day in Florida. The weather was perfect. So, I headed out to find some inspiration.

I’ll see you next week for another episode of Cozy Kitchen Makeover.

Do you think I can complete the makeover in time for Christmas? Have you ever had a “Peppermint Pattie” moment? If so, I would love to hear all about it!

Chat soon…

Zsa Zsa

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