The Process…Putting Our Home On The Market

As you may know, during the latter part of February, we (My Ex-husband) decided to put our dream home on the market.

On March 17, I packed up Lola, my Hyundai Tucson). And off we went to Central Florida. We arrived at our destination around 2:00 p.m. Within an hour of arrival, I contacted my Realtor and set an appointment for later that evening.

She arrived at 5:30, and we went over the things needed to get the house ready for market. There was a list of a ton of things to do. So, we decided to tackle projects that would make an impact first. Did I mention that the house would be on the market the following Thursday? We had seven days, that’s it!

The first thing on the to-do list was to add some curb appeal. Two days later, our Realtor and her team helped us accomplish this in no time.

I forgot to take a before pic!

We trimmed bushes, cleaned out the flowerbeds and added fresh mulch and succulents to existing terracotta pots. Talk about instant gratification! The best part is we didn’t spend a dime!

I love the aerial view. It makes everything look quite lovely. Unfortunately, the driveway didn’t get pressure-treated until after the photoshoot. Overall, I think it looks great!

Next up, the office.


I was overwhelmed with this space. My first thought was to box everything up and push it to one side of the room. Instead, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a few clever ideas.

The first thing was to make use of the available storage. I filled/organized all the bins and stored them under the shelving unit to the left. Then, I used the shelves to display accessories and other items.

I took a painter’s drop cloth and covered the desk/workstation. It allowed me to store items underneath that I didn’t want potential buyers to see. FYI, I secured the drop cloth to the workstation with staples, and added a coordinating piece of fabric. The fabric covered the staples and the remainder of the wood surface.

Lastly, I used an existing curtain panel, scrunched it in the center, and added a red rose to keep the fabric in place. You like? Guess what, no money was spent on this project either.

(Before) Honesty is the best policy!

So far, we’ve tackled the curb appeal/landscape, and the office. Honestly, I love the finished product!

Next week it’s all about the kitchen and the bathrooms. I’ll see you then!

Zsa Zsa

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