My New Digs…Sneak Peek

October is in full swing, and I love it! I relish this time of year for a few reasons. First, I live in Florida, and the weather is a little cooler now. Next, I get to attend as many fests and bazaars as I possibly can. I love browsing/looking at the Artisan’s handiwork. Lastly, October signifies that the holidays/Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching.

Before I share pics of my new digs, you guessed it. I have a back story! As you may know, we sold our dream/forever home on May 5th. You can read about it here, here, and here. The next day, I packed my suitcase and headed five hours north. My lease was up at the end of June. So, that meant more packing/moving for me.

My living room before I packed.

It took a few weeks to get all the packing done. After I finished packing, I had a major dilemma looming. I couldn’t find a new place. And if I didn’t find something asap, I would be homeless!

June 30th came and left. Guess what? I didn’t have a place to stay. So, off to the hotel I went, where I stayed for a few weeks.

Picture via MLS

Finding a rental property was difficult. Especially an affordable one. However, I found a cute little bungalow in a neighboring town. I did all the pertinent things to secure the rental. Then, a few days later, I received some bad news. The owner decided not to rent the property. What’s a girl to do?

I found another adorable rental in the same town. I filled out the application and received a speedy reply. The answer was no!

After several attempts to land a rental, I was ready to throw in the towel on the rental search, but my Realtor came to the rescue. She sent me a link to my current digs. We toured the place, I loved it, and the rest is history.

I live up there! lol

The apartment is tucked away in the middle of the complex. It’s a second-story unit that’s above a business. I like the semi-seclusion and the proximity to the places I frequent.

The structure was built in the early seventies. I like the character and the quirky spiral staircase. Plus, my Landlord is AWESOME! She says I can do whatever I want to in this place. So, stay tuned. There will be a lot of DIYing, decorating, and entertaining going on!

Did I mention the apartment is a studio with approximately 640 square feet? No worries, it’s just me living here. I will make it work!

My previous apartment was 850 sq ft.

I’ve lived in the unit since July nineteenth. However, the movers didn’t deliver my belongings until a few weeks later. So far, I’ve unpacked all the boxes, and slowly but surely everything is falling into place. It took me some time to get acclimated to the space. Especially, since I lost 200 square feet of living area. As I said earlier, “I WILL MAKE IT WORK!”

I think a beautiful pot filled with colorful annuals would look amazing in the graveled area.

I have quite a few ideas up my sleeve for my new place. Next month, I’m hosting a girls’ night out. And I promise to keep you posted on whatever else I plan to do over here.

So, how do you like my new place so far? I know the spiral staircase may be a turn-off to some, but that’s one of the reasons I like the unit. Would you like to see the inside? If so, come back next week, and I’ll give you the tour!

Chat Soon,

Zsa Zsa

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