Quick and Easy DIY Lamp Makeover

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are having a GREAT week thus far. I am popping in to share a quick and easy unconventional lamp makeover today. Before I get to the makeover, I need to bring you up to speed on what was happening. I guess you can call it a mini backstory.

During the lockdown, I made a list of several manageable tasks I would complete, while we were stuck inside. The first thing on the list was to create an office space. So, I looked around my modest apartment and carved out a tiny area in front of my living room window, and my office was born! I chose this spot because of the golf course view, and for the sunlight that pours in all day.

Will share the view of the golf course in a later post.

My new office consisted of a beat-up desk, an uncomfortable chair, and a lamp without a shade. Talk about roughing it. Even though the office was in a sad state, I wasn’t concerned because I had the basics. I figured I would get around to making it functional/pretty later.

The desk was a freebie. I know it looks dismal now but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I will give you the details in a later post, so stay tuned!

I found this chair at a yard sale several years ago, for $5. I love the look/style of the chair. However, this is not a chair you should be sitting in for several hours a day. Guys, after sitting in this chair, I felt like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz. Every part of my body was stiff!

I told you I was roughing it!

Are you ready for the quick and easy lamp makeover? And all the readers nodded yes! lol. Ok, I had the lamp but it was in desperate need of a lampshade. I couldn’t go shopping because all the stores were closed. I saw several lampshades online that I liked but I didn’t purchase one. They cost more than I was willing to spend.

Here’s the lamp. I like the shape and the silver finish.

What could I use in place of a lamp shade? The answer to that question was in my kitchen. I decided to use…

Fruit basket turned lampshade!

I wasn’t for sure if the idea of using the fruit basket as a shade would work. However, it was worth a try.

The first thing I did was create a groove by separating the strands in the center of the basket.

Next, I cut out two small pieces of cardboard, to help stabilize my newly found shade.

Look at the dust on that bulb. I told ya I needed a lampshade!

I knew the lampshade would not be perfectly centered. Oh well! But I placed the basket as close to the center as possible. Lastly, I added the other piece of cardboard and the finial! Not too shabby huh?

I love the look of the lamp. What do you think about my little makeover?

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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I'm Zsa Zsa a lover of DIY, Interior Decorating, fashion, and living a healthy lifestyle: all on a budget of course!

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