DIY Summer Wreaths

Hello all,

Can you believe the year is half over? Wow, where did the time go? I am sitting at my desk, enjoying the nice weather and reminiscing about all the things I did in past years during this time of year. Late spring and early summer were the months we spent trimming back bushes/trees, planting flowers, and throwing mulch. Even though it was hard work, we enjoyed being outside and bringing our curb appeal up to par.

The cranking of the lawnmower was a sure sign that all our hard work was coming to a close. However, when the sprinklers came on, it was time to relax with a tall glass of lemonade and admire our handy work.

I always looked forward to the following day because this was the icing on the cake day. Once the sidewalk, windows, and front doors sparkled, I could hang my DIY WREATHS! I loved this part of the process because no one else in my neighborhood or anywhere else would have wreaths like mine since I created them myself!

Now that I live in an apartment, the most I can do outside is plant a few flowers in pots and create seasonal wreaths for my front door. On occasion, I do drive through beautifully manicured neighborhoods and enjoy the fruits of someone else labor. Other times, I spend countless hours searching the web admiring picture-perfect curb appeal from around the world.

This year I didn’t do any of the things mentioned above, except for creating a few wreaths for myself, friends, and family. Keep scrolling to see some of my latest creations!

Enjoy the pics!

My daughter is a huge fan of my wreaths. She hung this wreath proudly for several years. She was crushed when critters took lodging in her storage facility, and ate the wreath for lunch!

daughters wreath.

So I came to the rescue with this replacement. Since she loves purple it was a keeper! Eventually she will add the family initial.

My year round wreath.

This is my first year round wreath. This wreath is the perfect solution for when I am short on time. I am thinking about adding a wreath sign. I saw a few signs on Etsy that caught my eye. What do you think?

For a friend

A friend asked if I could create a wreath similar to one she found on Pinterest. This is my rendition of the wreath. Sorry, I don’t have the inspiration photo.

This wreath was given to brighten someone’s day.

Do you purchase or make your own wreaths? I’d love to know!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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