Get Organized: Closet Update

I’m back with one of my “get organized” spring 2023 projects. This project is going much slower than I anticipated. To date, I finished the middle section of the closet. Hopefully, I will start and finish the other sections soon. Initially, when I started the project I was fired up. and anxious to start/complete theContinue reading “Get Organized: Closet Update”

Living Room Update:

Spring is in full force around these parts, and I’ve been a busy little bee. Hopefully, this post will bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in my world. Let’s see! I started the closet makeover in mid-march. The project is partially complete. I will share the total transformation at a later date. In mid-February,Continue reading “Living Room Update:”

Use What You Have Thanksgiving Table Setting

Hello All, and Happy Thanksgiving While we were waiting on Hurricane Nicole’s arrival. I needed to do something to occupy my time. So, I asked Reginald if I could set the table for Thanksgiving. He agreed. Since we were stuck inside I decided this would be a great time to create a “use what youContinue reading “Use What You Have Thanksgiving Table Setting”

DIY Picture Frame and Kitchen Nook Update

Happy first day of February! Hopefully, you have recovered from the Holidays. If not, I feel you! Unfortunately, I am playing catch-up. I had an unexpected family emergency in December, which caused me to abandon my routine. Hopefully, I will be back on track within the next few weeks. Anywho, I wanted to pop inContinue reading “DIY Picture Frame and Kitchen Nook Update”

How to Create A Magical Outdoor Space for the Holidays

The events of the past several months forced us to see our homes in a different light. We have reclaimed spaces that were “look but don’t touch.” And created cozy/inviting interiors instead. Now, our rooms have a function, and the way we live in our surroundings is purposeful/intentional. Entertaining at home is on the rise,Continue reading “How to Create A Magical Outdoor Space for the Holidays”