Quick and Easy DIY Lamp Makeover

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are having a GREAT week thus far. I am popping in to share a quick and easy unconventional lamp makeover today. Before I get to the makeover, I need to bring you up to speed on what was happening. I guess you can call it a mini backstory.

During the lockdown, I made a list of several manageable tasks I would complete, while we were stuck inside. The first thing on the list was to create an office space. So, I looked around my modest apartment and carved out a tiny area in front of my living room window, and my office was born! I chose this spot because of the golf course view, and for the sunlight that pours in all day.

Will share the view of the golf course in a later post.

My new office consisted of a beat-up desk, an uncomfortable chair, and a lamp without a shade. Talk about roughing it. Even though the office was in a sad state, I wasn’t concerned because I had the basics. I figured I would get around to making it functional/pretty later.

The desk was a freebie. I know it looks dismal now but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I will give you the details in a later post, so stay tuned!

I found this chair at a yard sale several years ago, for $5. I love the look/style of the chair. However, this is not a chair you should be sitting in for several hours a day. Guys, after sitting in this chair, I felt like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz. Every part of my body was stiff!

I told you I was roughing it!

Are you ready for the quick and easy lamp makeover? And all the readers nodded yes! lol. Ok, I had the lamp but it was in desperate need of a lampshade. I couldn’t go shopping because all the stores were closed. I saw several lampshades online that I liked but I didn’t purchase one. They cost more than I was willing to spend.

Here’s the lamp. I like the shape and the silver finish.

What could I use in place of a lamp shade? The answer to that question was in my kitchen. I decided to use…

Fruit basket turned lampshade!

I wasn’t for sure if the idea of using the fruit basket as a shade would work. However, it was worth a try.

The first thing I did was create a groove by separating the strands in the center of the basket.

Next, I cut out two small pieces of cardboard, to help stabilize my newly found shade.

Look at the dust on that bulb. I told ya I needed a lampshade!

I knew the lampshade would not be perfectly centered. Oh well! But I placed the basket as close to the center as possible. Lastly, I added the other piece of cardboard and the finial! Not too shabby huh?

I love the look of the lamp. What do you think about my little makeover?

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

DIY Summer Wreaths

Hello all,

Can you believe the year is half over? Wow, where did the time go? I am sitting at my desk, enjoying the nice weather and reminiscing about all the things I did in past years during this time of year. Late spring and early summer were the months we spent trimming back bushes/trees, planting flowers, and throwing mulch. Even though it was hard work, we enjoyed being outside and bringing our curb appeal up to par.

The cranking of the lawnmower was a sure sign that all our hard work was coming to a close. However, when the sprinklers came on, it was time to relax with a tall glass of lemonade and admire our handy work.

I always looked forward to the following day because this was the icing on the cake day. Once the sidewalk, windows, and front doors sparkled, I could hang my DIY WREATHS! I loved this part of the process because no one else in my neighborhood or anywhere else would have wreaths like mine since I created them myself!

Now that I live in an apartment, the most I can do outside is plant a few flowers in pots and create seasonal wreaths for my front door. On occasion, I do drive through beautifully manicured neighborhoods and enjoy the fruits of someone else labor. Other times, I spend countless hours searching the web admiring picture-perfect curb appeal from around the world.

This year I didn’t do any of the things mentioned above, except for creating a few wreaths for myself, friends, and family. Keep scrolling to see some of my latest creations!

Enjoy the pics!

My daughter is a huge fan of my wreaths. She hung this wreath proudly for several years. She was crushed when critters took lodging in her storage facility, and ate the wreath for lunch!

daughters wreath.

So I came to the rescue with this replacement. Since she loves purple it was a keeper! Eventually she will add the family initial.

My year round wreath.

This is my first year round wreath. This wreath is the perfect solution for when I am short on time. I am thinking about adding a wreath sign. I saw a few signs on Etsy that caught my eye. What do you think?

For a friend

A friend asked if I could create a wreath similar to one she found on Pinterest. This is my rendition of the wreath. Sorry, I don’t have the inspiration photo.

This wreath was given to brighten someone’s day.

Do you purchase or make your own wreaths? I’d love to know!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa



I am so glad you stopped by. Today is get acquainted day. The idea behind this post is to share a little about myself, so we can connect, and become friends.

I have big plans for this little blog. I will share DIY/Design projects, fashion tips, and healthy living ideas too!. My goal is to encourage you to live your best life without reservation. And the best part, everything will be budget-friendly, with the occasional splurge!

So, who am I? My birth name is Lory. However, my favorite peeps call me Zsa Zsa. It also happens to be the name of my Interior Decorating Business.

In 2017 I began to make plans to open Zsa Zsa’s, but life happened. Last year, when the state shut down, I decided it was time to revisit what I started in 2017. I enrolled in a design course and passed, became a member of DSA, and built a website. I also took care of the necessary stuff needed for operating a business in Florida. Now, I am open for business, and I cant wait to share client projects and behind-the-scenes footage with you!

I decided to share a few photos to give you a glimpse of the gal behind the blog. Here we go!

I love my fedoras, and on most days, I wear one. It simplifies my life.

I am not afraid to mix and match patterns in fashion or design, and I own my style without reservation. It compliments my personality!

The pictures were taken shortly after the state shut down in Florida. The photo session took so long, I ate a snack! lol!

There are a few more things you should know about me, and they are super important.

My favorite color is animal print!

Picture taken at my son’s wedding

I only dress up when it’s a necessity. On most days I wear jeans and a top!

I also love bright, bold colors.

onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms cooked in avocado oil. It’s quick, easy and delish!

And, I like to prepare healthy meals that are tasty, quick and easy.

And last but not least, Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Now that you know a little about me, tell me something about you!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa