We Sold Our Home…Home Tour Part 2

Hi All, I am back today with part 2 of our home tour. If you missed part one, you can see it here and here. But before we start the home tour, I wanted you to know what’s happening in Florida.

If you listen to the news, you know that the Governor of Florida issued a state of emergency a few days ago. Due to Hurricane Ian. Guess what? I live in Florida.

Reports say the storm will be a category 3 when it reaches land late on Wednesday. Lovelies, I’m a bit nervous. However, the good news is I don’t live on the coast; and I’m prepared. I will share footage of the storm in another post.

Okay, enough of that. Are you ready for part 2 of our home tour? I’ll take that as a YES! So, let’s get started. This post has lots of pics. Enjoy!



The area at the top of the staircase to the right used to be my office. We staged this space as a sitting/reading area.


The upstairs has 3 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms, plus a multipurpose room. The multipurpose room could be another bedroom if a closet were added.

Multipurpose Room After. Multipurpose my fancy name for junk room!

The multipurpose room was a hot mess before it was staged. It was one of the worst rooms in the entire house. It was a catch-all for any and everything. If you don’t believe me keep scrolling!

In the words of Steve Urkel, “Did we do that?”

I was in tears when I started staging this room because I had no idea what to do with it. And where in the world would I put all the extra stuff.? While I was crying, sorting, and organizing, I came up with an idea; that I thought might work. We donated most of the items and discarded others. However, the remaining items needed to be stored

Some of the stuff had been removed before I took this picture.

So, I figured out a way to store the items in plain sight. I purchased a painter’s drop cloth and stapled it to the desk. Then, I housed the keep items underneath the cloth. Pretty clever, Huh?

Multipurpose Room After

After a bit of cleaning/dusting; I shopped the house for accessories/items to decorate the room. The only thing I purchased for this space was the drop cloth. Can you believe this is the same room?

To add pizazz to a plain curtain panel, I gathered the curtain in the center. Then, I used an artificial flower to hold the curtain in place. Like this look? You should try it!

Bedroom #1 Animal print is my favorite color!

We created the DIY lamps using a plate cover, a piece of bamboo,, and a discarded piece of cedar. Oh, and a light kit.

The four-poster bed was a curbside find. So, that makes it a freebie!!

When we staged the upstairs, we decided to paint the walls white, and the doors black; using a matte finish. We figured it would update/freshen things up a bit. By the way, the walls are painted Polar Bear. by Behr. It’s one of my favorite whites.

Bathroom #1

The dilapidated fence came in handy once again. It’s the same wood used for the downstairs powder room. The wood in this space was used for the vanity, baseboards, chair rail, and mirror. You like?

A Better view of the vanity,

I couldn’t find before pictures of this bath. I will add them if I find them.

I think the black and white makes a dramatic statement. What about you?

Bedroom #2
Bathroom #2
Bathroom #2 Before
Bedroom #3

All the furnishings in this room were purchased from a second-hand store and yard sales.

A view of the living room from the second story.

Laundry Room

I loved spending time here. It was my place to drink coffee, read a book, unwind and enjoy the outside.


Lovelies, thank you for hanging out with me. I hope you enjoyed our Home Tour Edition. Have an AWESOME weekend!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

We Sold our Home…Home Tour Edition

Hello Beautiful People, happy first day of Fall.

How are you? And, how was your summer? I hope it was fabulous and fun-filled. I spent my summer packing/moving. I’m so glad to be back, and I have lots of things I want to share.

The last time we spoke, I was knee-deep in staging our home to sell. As you know from the title, we sold our home, but that’s not all. Did I mention that I didn’t renew my lease? We’ll talk more about that in another post.

To bring you up to speed. On March 17th, we called in our Realtor Kathie. She advised us on what we needed to do to get our home ready for market. You can read about the process here and here.

Lovelies, I must be honest; staging the home required a lot of work, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our Realtor. The to-do list was like “the song that never ends,” and it went on and on, my friends. After all the hard work, we listed the home on March 24th and received an offer on the 29th. On May 4th, we closed and said goodbye to our dream home. Shakespeare said it best, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

Now that you know all the tea. Let’s get this home tour started. By the way, instead of doing one extremely long post. I decided we’ll tour the main floor today, and next week we’ll cover the upstairs. So, grab yourself a cup of Joe and get comfortable. This post has lots of pics, enjoy!

Welcome to We Sold Our Home…Home Tour Edition

It’s amazing what a can of paint can do! #thepowerofpaint!

When we purchased the home, it didn’t look anything like this. The house was painted a dreadful dreary green, and the landscape was almost nonexistent. The neighbors referred to it as “the haunted house.” It took several years to get to the photo above, I will throw in a few before pics to show you the transformation.

The Foyer

The Foyer

The foyer sets the tone for the entire home. Even though it’s tiny, we wanted to make a bold statement. So, we didn’t buy into the “keep everything neutral for resale.” Instead, we created a unique space that reflects our personality and style. And we had fun doing it.

I found the Broyhill Chests, at a thrift Store for 20 bucks. Sorry fuzzy pic!

We furnished most of our home by shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. On occasion, we found curbside items that worked too! The paint did the heavy lifting in this space. Don’t you agree?

Craft paint was used to paint the rug, To keep the vibrant colors, the rug was repainted, when it started to look dull.

The rug is a piece of carpet remnant leftover from a previous project. I commissioned my daughter to paint the beautiful palm tree in a terracotta pot. She did so during the four hurricanes that ravaged Florida in 2004: Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. The rug remained in the foyer until we moved.

Master Bedroom

The Master is right off the foyer. The high ceilings and the natural light makes the room look/feel bigger than it is.

Master Bath

Master Bath Before

The bathroom received a major overhaul. We got rid of everything and started from scratch.


Formal Living Room

We used every room in our home. No space was off limits. Our goal was to create livable spaces that were casual, comfortable and infused with things we loved. I think we pulled it off!

The fabric on the wing chairs mimics the wall colors in the entry and dining room. Did I mention that we love color? Who knew!

Dining Room


The dining table was another DIY project. We found several pieces of wood, curbside. Fortunately, there was enough wood to construct the tabletop.

Tabletop Before

Powder Room

Powder Room After. We splurged on the granite. It was worth it!
Powder Room Before

We got creative in the powder room and constructed a custom vanity from a dilapidated privacy fence. We used brown shipping paper on the walls. Then painted the space a golden hue. Shall we talk about the granite and the vessel sink? I love them both. Need I say more?

Family Room

Ok lovelies, bear with me. We’re almost finished, with part one of the tour. Thanks for hanging out with me thus far.

A cozy place to relax right off the Family Room.

Oh, how I wish you could see the before pictures of the kitchen. It was a disaster. There was green wallpaper with miniature pink flowers. The white 6-inch tiles on the countertop were cracked, or missing grout. Did I mention, the drip bowls on the stove disintegrated when we tried to clean them. Where is that wide-eyed emoji? I need him ASAP!

I gave the oak cabinets a good scrub and painted them an espresso color. My favorite designer Christopher Lowell used to say, “Just because it’s wood doesn’t mean it’s good.” I agree with him 100%. What about you?

All barstools are not created equal. Some require elbow grease and TLC!

Believe it or not, the barstools were a gift with purchase. Lol! I purchased an antique sleigh bed, and the shop owner threw in the barstools for free.

I couldn’t resist, the barstools were free!

What do you think? I think they look great, all decked out in the zebra print fabric.

To add visual weight an accent color (Tapestry by Ralph Lauren} was added to the opposite wall. The oversized artwork helps to balance the space.

We splurged on the granite! It adds character, warmth, and a touch of the unexpected to the space. Who Knew?

The terracotta tiles are original to the house. Love em!

Lovelies, that’s it for part one of the home tour edition. I hope to see you back next week for part two.

Chat Soon,

Zsa Zsa

The Process…Putting Our Home On The Market

As you may know, during the latter part of February, we (My Ex-husband) decided to put our dream home on the market.

On March 17, I packed up Lola, my Hyundai Tucson). And off we went to Central Florida. We arrived at our destination around 2:00 p.m. Within an hour of arrival, I contacted my Realtor and set an appointment for later that evening.

She arrived at 5:30, and we went over the things needed to get the house ready for market. There was a list of a ton of things to do. So, we decided to tackle projects that would make an impact first. Did I mention that the house would be on the market the following Thursday? We had seven days, that’s it!

The first thing on the to-do list was to add some curb appeal. Two days later, our Realtor and her team helped us accomplish this in no time.

I forgot to take a before pic!

We trimmed bushes, cleaned out the flowerbeds and added fresh mulch and succulents to existing terracotta pots. Talk about instant gratification! The best part is we didn’t spend a dime!

I love the aerial view. It makes everything look quite lovely. Unfortunately, the driveway didn’t get pressure-treated until after the photoshoot. Overall, I think it looks great!

Next up, the office.


I was overwhelmed with this space. My first thought was to box everything up and push it to one side of the room. Instead, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a few clever ideas.

The first thing was to make use of the available storage. I filled/organized all the bins and stored them under the shelving unit to the left. Then, I used the shelves to display accessories and other items.

I took a painter’s drop cloth and covered the desk/workstation. It allowed me to store items underneath that I didn’t want potential buyers to see. FYI, I secured the drop cloth to the workstation with staples, and added a coordinating piece of fabric. The fabric covered the staples and the remainder of the wood surface.

Lastly, I used an existing curtain panel, scrunched it in the center, and added a red rose to keep the fabric in place. You like? Guess what, no money was spent on this project either.

(Before) Honesty is the best policy!

So far, we’ve tackled the curb appeal/landscape, and the office. Honestly, I love the finished product!

Next week it’s all about the kitchen and the bathrooms. I’ll see you then!

Zsa Zsa

March Madness: Putting our Home on the Market

Happy March All,

I’m here with a quick insider on what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

The title of the post sums it up. Honestly, the madness started in mid-February, when we decided to put our “dream” home on the market. We purchased the home in October of 2000, and I lived there until June of 2018. My ex-husband resides there at present.

I had no idea the toll this process would have on me emotionally and mentally. We raised our kids in this home, and created a ton of memories. Most of which were good. My youngest moved out in January 2021 to pursue a music career in California. And my ex-husband is engaged and ready to start a new chapter with his bride-to-be. Shakespeare said it best, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

The plan is to share before and after pics (hopefully). Plus, tips and suggestions on our process.

I took the liberty and added a few pics of the home’s exterior. Stay tuned!

Have you sold a home recently? I would love to hear all about it in the comments.

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

DIY Picture Frame and Kitchen Nook Update

Happy first day of February!

Hopefully, you have recovered from the Holidays. If not, I feel you! Unfortunately, I am playing catch-up. I had an unexpected family emergency in December, which caused me to abandon my routine. Hopefully, I will be back on track within the next few weeks.

Anywho, I wanted to pop in and share my DIY picture frame. Plus, update you on my kitchen nook progress. The plan was to complete the project in a few weeks but, that didn’t happen. However…

Moodboard/Inspiration Pic

I’ve made a change to the Kitchen Nook Inspiration board. As you may know, I liked the Blue Heron Canvas Wall Art from Amazon. I had almost convinced myself to purchase it. When I remembered, I had a pic of a blue heron. I took the picture while at the Circle B Ranch Wildlife Preserve.

A coat of polyacrylic was applied to the frame to add luster.

I plan to use this pic in the makeover. The above picture is not as sharp as it could be because I snapped it with my iPhone. Hopefully, I will do a better job on reveal day. My photography is a work in progress. I love the photograph and my DIY picture frame for several reasons. I think the words recycle, reduce, and reuse sum up my reasons nicely.

So, let’s talk about the frame, shall we? We constructed the picture frame from a dilapidated privacy fence. We also built storage boxes and decorative shelving with the remainder of the wood.

The frame was super simple to create. Once we decided on the size of the print, we cut the wood accordingly. We purchased wood glue and four metal do-dads to connect/attach the pieces of wood.

We also purchased a 24 x 36 sheet of plexiglass from the Home Depot. Hopefully. it will keep the image in pristine condition.

I got into a fight with the Hercules hook. It ripped the paper in several places. Good news, I won!

This pic gives a general idea of how the frame was constructed, and a look at the other items that were used to hang the print.

So, what do you think of my DIY picture frame? I love it!

My darlings, stay safe and enjoy your week!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

Happy New year, I’m back!

As some of you may know. I had big plans to makeover my kitchen nook before Christmas, but life
happened. So, I didn’t get a chance to complete it. However, once things settle down, I’ll get it done.

I took all the pics with my iPhone

I figured since a large majority of us are recovering from the Holidays. Today would be a great day for a short story. So, grab a cup of coffee/tea and get comfortable. It’s storytime! By the way, I added some pics I took of the sky on random occasions, for your viewing pleasure! lol.

For several years I had the privilege of working with special needs children. One of my duties was to monitor students via support services. Basically, I was responsible for keeping the students safe on their journey/bus ride to and from school.

Children are downright unpredictable, and whoever said, “Kids say the darnedest things was correct”!

The name was changed to protect the innocent

Ms. Lory, Ms. Lory, I could hear a voice yelling from the corridor, but I had no idea whose it was. For several seconds I could hear my name being shouted. Finally, the tiny figure emerged. It was Chase.

Chase was the cutest little boy ever. His spiked hair was the perfect shade of blonde, and his big beautiful blue eyes were the icing on the cake. Talk about a poster child: Chase could be one.

Chase was in full trot as he reached the bus. He immediately grabbed the handrails. Next, he motioned to me with his finger as if to say, give me a moment. Then he slumped over in an attempt to catch his breath. For several seconds he remained in this collapsed position. Are you okay? I asked. Finally, he looked up at me with the biggest grin and nodded yes.

Ms. Lory, can you sit with me today? I have something I need to tell you. Chase was bubbling over with enthusiasm, and I could see how excited and anxious he was to share. So I agreed. When all the students were seated, I proceeded to the front of the bus to hear his exciting news.

Ms. Lory Ms. Lory, Chase shouted. Before I could get the words quiet down out of my mouth. The students said in unison, “You are too loud.” “Please, use your inside voice.” I chuckled, then I diverted my attention to Chase once again.

By now, Chase had calmed down, but I could still see the excitement in his eyes. Okay, let’s hear it! Before the words could fall from my lips, he had started the arduous task of trying to get something out of his pocket. I quickly reached over and loosened his seatbelt. And In a matter of seconds, what looked like a tooth was nestled in the palm of his hand.

What on earth! Is that your tooth? I gave the tooth a quick glance, and it was perfect, except for the small chip, in the center. He was grinning ear to ear as he answered, “Yes.” I pulled it out all by myself at recess.

As we drew closer to his stop, I wrapped the tooth in tissue. Then I told him what to do with the tooth when he got home. To make sure he understood, I asked him to repeat the instructions before leaving the bus.

First, take the tooth out of my pocket and show it to my Mom. Then, put it under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy. “You are so smart,” I exclaimed. He gave me a big hug then exited the bus.

The next day, I was like a kid in the candy store. I was anxiously awaiting Chase’s arrival. When we approached the stop, as per usual, Chase boarded the bus, greeted me with a partial smile, and then sat down. Hmm, I thought. Is he going to keep me in suspense until we reach the school?

I was on pins and needles when the bus reached its destination. When we came to a complete stop, the students began to exit. Chase was always the last to leave the bus, and today was no different. As he stood to disembark, I eagerly called out to him.

Chase, what did the Tooth Fairy leave you? He turned in slow motion, in the direction of my voice. Once our eyes met, he said with a solemn blank stare on his face, “Nothing, the tooth was chipped.”

I was mortified as Chase exited the bus. Plus, I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around his response. The words, the tooth was chipped kept spinning around in my mind like a scratched record on a record player.

Can someone please tell me when did the Tooth Fairy become so picky? And when did she stop accepting teeth with imperfections? There has to be an explanation!!!

Did she get held up in Fairyville? Did she outsource the job? Did she oversleep? Did she go to the wrong house? Did she forget? My inquiring mind wants to know!

Can somebody, anybody, please tell me; What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

My darlings, enjoy the rest of your week!

Chat soon

How to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style

Hi all,

There’s only two days left until Christmas. Have you checked everything off of your to-do list? I haven’t! I have good news and bad. The good news, I’ve been good all year! The bad news, I didn’t complete my cozy kitchen nook due to a family emergency.

However, after the holidays, I will get it done. Although, there are a few items I need to purchase, in order to finish the project. I think it will be nice when it’s done.

Now, are you ready to find out how you can have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style? If so, keep reading!

Go all out with the decorating. It’s okay to walk on the wild side for a few weeks.

Number 1. Go all out with the decorating. I love to decorate for Christmas. For years, I opted for the traditional red and green scheme. Then one Christmas, I decided to go all out with the decorating. So, in came the animal print. It’s okay to walk on the wild side for a few weeks. Just, do what you love!

Number 2. Put a bow on it. A bow makes everything look festive. Don’t you agree? Instead of a ring, put a bow on it? I know that statement went right over your head. Lol! 

Loving the wild side? Don’t stop now, give your table a touch of the unexpected as well.

Number 3. Wow guests with a themed parting gift. To spice things up: give your guests a parting gift they will never forget. We gave our guests miniature desserts in cute red boxes from Dollar Tree. We added brown organza bows and a fancy animal ornament to up the ante. You like?

To add extra pizazz to the table, why not use your napkins less conventionally. Get creative, and pop them inside the wine glasses. Your guests will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Our room design was loved by many. So much so, we were chosen as the designer of the year.

Number 4. Showcase your talents If your are a creative, this is a great way to get exposure. Years ago, we had the privilege of being invited to Bok Tower’s Holiday Home Tour at Pinewood Estates. The theme for that year was movies. Can you guess what movie we chose? The movie we chose to create the dining room was “Out of Africa.” Our room was loved by so many, we won the designer of the year award!

Number 5. Create memorable moments Not a fan of the wild side? That’s not a problem. You can create picture-perfect moments that are magical and memorable no matter what style you choose.

upstairs office turned winter wonderland.

Number 6. Have as many trees as you like. Instead of one tree, why not put one in every room? Then, host your own Holiday Home Tour.

How to Create A Magical Outdoor Space for the Holidays

Number 7. Shop till you drop, on a budget, of course. And don’t forget to shed a little sparkle and light on those around you! And that’s how you have a Holly Jolly Christmas Zsa Zsa Style!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

How to Create A Magical Outdoor Space for the Holidays

The events of the past several months forced us to see our homes in a different light. We have reclaimed spaces that were “look but don’t touch.” And created cozy/inviting interiors instead. Now, our rooms have a function, and the way we live in our surroundings is purposeful/intentional.

Entertaining at home is on the rise, and it will continue to do so. We are on the hunt to get the most out of our spaces. But more often than not, our back porches/outdoor areas are underutilized for one reason or another.

Do you have a back porch that’s not living up to its potential? And you’re not sure how to make it work? Are you short on cash/creativity? If you answered yes, this post is for you. Read on to see how we transformed this area into a magical space for the holidays.

The table and the bench to the right remained.

Seven Steps to Transform Your Porch

  1. Define the space/Dinner Party

This space was underutilized, and its sole purpose, a thoroughfare to the outside. Even though the room was uninviting, it had a few positives. The room was enclosed, a decent size, and it had potential.

2. Take inventory/decide what stays and what goes. The only items that remained were the table and the bench.

3. Get inspired! Since our space was for an intimate gathering/dinner party, we focused on the tabletop. We used the homeowner’s beloved black, white, and gold china as our inspiration.

4. Shop the house With our inspiration piece in mind, we shopped the house further to unearth other items that would work with the theme.

5. Decide on a Budget, and stick to it. Doing so will keep you on track and eliminate unnecessary spending.

6. Go shopping, We were in luck. We only needed a few items to complete the project. We purchased fairy lights, white sheers, wrapping paper, a gift bag, and a picture frame. That’s it!

7. Make it happen To create a magical look and feel, We used fairy lights and white sheers. This step took the most time. But it was worth it in the end. We used 3m hooks and monofilament for the installation.

This bench provides extra seating

To give the bench a new look, we reupholstered it with a statement fabric in the color grey. Then we added a luxurious fur throw and white lanterns to add another layer of dreaminess.

So far, so good!

The Asian-inspired chest worked perfectly in the space. It added height and balance to the layout. Plus, it was a great way to house extra blankets and other items needed during the party.

The use of wood, glass, metal, and fire makes a stunning display!

To hide the bulky outlet, we wrapped empty boxes in keeping with the color scheme. For a quick DIY project, we purchased the sparkle all the way gift bag and black picture frame from Dollar Tree. We framed the gift bag and placed it on the wrapped boxes. Who knew that a $2 DIY project could make such a statement?

Now, it was time to address the tabletop. The goal was to create a simple but elegant look. To do so, we used the same fabric from the bench to create a stunning tablecloth.

To create the centerpiece, we used a 16″ grapevine wreath. First, we covered the wreath with greenery. Then, we added florals in cream, white, and silver. Next, we placed glass candlesticks and Christmas ornaments inside the wreath to complete the look. You like?

We added candles and tealights to make the table glow.

Last but not least, we added our inspiration for the entire project, the homeowner’s beloved china.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-4629.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo-dec-12-7-11-31-pm.jpg

So, what do you think about our magical holiday makeover? The homeowners loved it, and we do too!

By the way, next week I will continue with my cozy kitchen makeover.

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

Kitchen Nook Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

How was your Thanksgiving? I enjoyed the day binging on Netflix, and organic dark chocolate covered almonds. Try saying that three times! “Guess what!”

My Cozy kitchen nook is taking shape. If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the before pictures from the previous post.

My Decorating Style

When It comes to decorating, I air on the side of doing what I love. And it works. I am a huge fan of African, Asian, and Indian design with a splash of the tropics. I love found objects, patterns/ texture, and color. Maybe, that makes me a “global” gal. The advantages of this style, there are no hard and fast rules. Just do what inspires you!

***This post contains affiliate links***

Subject to change without notice. Lol! (I am not affiliated with Canva or Photoscissors)


To create my mood board, I saved the items I sourced online to my computer first. Then, I went to Canva.com and typed the words mood board into the search box. And I picked one. I used the free version. Before I uploaded the pics to Canva, I removed the background of my saved pictures with Photoscissors.com. It’s a background removal tool. ( free version) Next, I uploaded the items I sourced for the project and placed them on the board. The board gives me a general idea of what I need for the space.

There is a high probability the finished design will not look exactly like the inspiration board, but that’s ok. The design isn’t concrete/set in stone. I can make changes if necessary.

Wayfair (not affiliated)

The inspiration board is a great visual. However, I wanted to give a closer look at the selections made thus far.

Wayfair (not affiliated)

The curtains have an ethnic vibe that I love. However, I’m not for sure which pair I like best.

Greenhouse Fabrics

Houndstooth, it’s classic and makes quite the statement. I have an idea for this fabric, but I won’t spill the beans today. So, stay tuned!

I’m still on the fence about this artwork. However, it reminds me of a park I used to visit back home. Circle B Reserve. in Lakeland Fl. If you’re in the area and love nature, give it a visit. I am not affiliated with the reserve. I just think it’s a great place.

I think the gold flatware will add a nice touch to the table. Let’s just say this is an early Christmas present to myself. Besides, Santa said it was ok!

My kitchen nook makeover is moving along. Next week, it’s all about the tabletop. See you then!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

Quick and Easy Chandelier Makeover

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

I’m popping in to share the before and after of my chandelier makeover.

I know most of you are gathering today with friends and family. And I hope you enjoy every minute of it. I have a big day planned also. The plan is to stay in my fuzzy pajamas, binge on Netflix, and eat my favorite ice cream. (SO Delicious)

In my last post, I shared plans to makeover my kitchen for Christmas. I decided the chandelier was a keeper, but the chrome finish, not so much. Since the chandelier is the first thing you see, I figured it needs to make a bold statement!

After The chandelier is about 95% complete.

So, I upped the ante with Waverly chalk paint. (color-ink) Isn’t it amazing what paint can do? Painting the chandelier added visual weight, and it gives the eye a place to rest/focus on the fixture. Did I mention, I love the matte finish? And that I painted the piece without taking it down?

The project took about two hours, and it’s about 95% complete. I’m contemplating whether I want to use globes, fancy bulbs, or both.


Plus, I would love to find another feather garland to add more volume and presence to the fixture. Keep your fingers crossed. By the way

My darlings, enjoy your day!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I would love to hear from you

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa