Get Organized: Closet Update

I’m back with one of my “get organized” spring 2023 projects. This project is going much slower than I anticipated. To date, I finished the middle section of the closet. Hopefully, I will start and finish the other sections soon.

Initially, when I started the project I was fired up. and anxious to start/complete the task. However, we all know what happens once the excitement wanes. REALITY SETS IN!

After the reality check, I collected my thoughts and began to take an inventory of items needed for the closet. Thank goodness I only needed a few things. My biggest pet peeves were the mix-matched hangers, and a lack of space to hang things I wore regularly. I knew the hangers had to go. So, my first order of business was to get matching ones. Plus, I needed to come up with a solution to free up space in the closet.

I was fortunate to find a set of 50 hangers at Sam’s Club for $14.48. I love the black velvet look with the silver swivel hooks. I purchased two boxes to be on the safe side. Also, I came up with a space saving idea for the closet.

My shoes were all over the place. I wanted most if not all of them offs the floor. So, I ordered this shoe rack from Amazon, and I love it. The rack is expandable and it was very easy to assemble.

This picture is a reminder Just in case you forgot my shoe situation.

I also purchased acrylic bins. I found my bins at Marshall’s but you can get them from amazon too.

I chose to organize the closet in the center first.

I took everything out of the closet and started three piles; keep, donate, and store.

Next, I assembled the shoe rack and added the shoes. Now, doesn’t that look better than before? If you need a reminder of my “shoe situation” scroll back a few pics. Just sayin!

Multi layer hanger

To make the most out of my closet space, I stored seasonal items and items that I don’t wear/use regularly under the bed. Since the majority of my wardrobe is jeans/blazers. I used the multilayer hangers that I had on hand for hanging the jeans. Using them allowed me to get more items in the closet.

I placed the jeans to the far left of the closet. Then I added denim jackets, blazers, and blouses.

Finally, I added clear bins on the top shelf that house all my scarves/headwraps. Since my suitcase took up so much floor space, I decided to put it on the shelf too.


Lovelies, what do you think? I think this space looks and functions better. Even though it’s super tiny, the items I use regularly are inside.

Guess what? I only have two more spaces to organize. My goal is to have the project completed before fall. Keep your fingers crossed!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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