Living Room Update:

Spring is in full force around these parts, and I’ve been a busy little bee. Hopefully, this post will bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in my world.

Let’s see! I started the closet makeover in mid-march. The project is partially complete. I will share the total transformation at a later date.

In mid-February, I went on a little hiatus to get life licensed. The process took ten days from start to finish. First, I took a forty-hour pre-licensure course. Then, on February 27, I took the state exam and passed. Now, I’m a licensed Insurance agent in Florida. I have a lot to learn but I guess that comes with the territory.

Also, in February, I shared my small space living room reveal. I loved how the space turned out. However, I needed to purchase a rug and coffee table. Plus, I wanted to tweak the artwork.

The chest and rug are too small for the space.

The room looked like this after the reveal. As I said, I love how the space turned out. However, the existing coffee table/chest and the rug were too small.

During March, I managed to do several mini-projects around the apartment that never made it onto the blog. Sorry, I will do better. Who knows, I may post some of the projects later. Ok, that covers February and March. Wait a minute! I forgot to mention I found the perfect rug for my living room. Yay!

I love this rug and how it grounds the space. The large scale of the pattern makes a bold Statement.

That’s my grandbaby in the water.

We traveled to North Florida in April to attend my granddaughter’s baptism. We arrived on Thursday, and we stayed until Sunday after the baptism.

Since my daughter/son wouldn’t be off until Saturday, we decided to do family time on that day. We made plans to take an early morning power walk, visit the farmers market, and the art show at the park.

Early Saturday morning, my daughter, myself, and Pa Pa struck out in the direction of the local farmers market; which happened to be a three-mile trek.

En route, we passed one of my favorite thrift stores. We slowed down just enough for me to spot a coffee table I thought might work, for my small space.

After our walk, we jumped in the car and headed back to the thrift store. We took a quick measurement to make sure the table would fit in the truck. It did! We loaded it up and headed back to the house.

I purchased the rug several weeks before I found the coffee table. I have gotten so many compliments on this rug. I think it works quite well in the space.

I decided to put the seashell print behind the sofa. I think I like it better there.

sorry not so good pic!
July 2022
May 2023

Ok, so that pretty much wraps up the last few months of what’s been happening with me. So, what do you think about the changes? Do you like the rug? What about the table? I love the whole shebang

Chat soon

Zsa Zsa

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