Spring 2023…Get Organized

My spring break began on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. And I thought to myself. I have eleven days to do whatever I want. Oh, how I wish that were the case.

Yesterday and the day before, I did a bit of spring cleaning. To get me in the cleaning mood, I cranked up the volume on the classical music and got busy cleaning. I also had the diffuser on full blast. I found an essential oil blend for spring that I love! It’s a mix of geranium, lemon, and grapefruit. My apartment smells amazing.

While I cleaned, I took a moment to assess what I needed to do to make my small space live big. I summed up the assessment in two words. GET ORGANIZED! Guess what? I plan to get organized asap.

Wait for it

First up on the get-organized list is the bedroom closest. Wow, the closet looks fantastic as long as the doors are closed. This is the point in the post where I say, wait for it!

If I must say so myself, the closet is doing the most; but not in a good way! And all the readers nodded yes. Instead of one large closet, I inherited three tiny ones. What’s a girl to do?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!
I have to admit, I do like the flooring! Lol
To paint or not to paint the bookcases is the question.

The bookcase comes in at number two on the get-organized list. As you can see, a lot is going on here. I found the bookcases on the FB marketplace. They were very inexpensive, 20 bucks a piece. The goal is to find a home for everything that’s not supposed to be on the shelves. I bought the bookcases to display decorative items etc. It wasn’t supposed to be a catch-all.

Number three is the patio. The goal is to have the space ready by mid-spring in hopes of hosting a girls’ night out. Keep your fingers crossed. One of the dilemmas with this space is the compressor. It belongs to the unit downstairs. I have no idea how it ended up on the upstairs patio. However, I think I have the perfect cover-up for the compressor. 

Before I forget, in my last post, I talked about finding a rug for the living room. Guess what? I found one. It will be delivered tomorrow. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Ok, beautiful people, I think that’s it for now. Join me next week for more on how I plan to get organized in my small space!

Chat soon

Zsa Zsa

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