Christmas Table Setting 2022

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It was cold on Christmas day in Florida. The low temp was 30 and the high was 47. Northerners, don’t you dare laugh. That’s a big deal around here. Normally, we schlep around in sandals and shorts. But not this year. We were clad in our boots, scarves, and furry hats. It felt like Christmas. Yay!

Today, I’m popping in to share pics of the Christmas Table Setting for this year. My goal was to share the table with you earlier in the month. However, those plans were derailed.

The table décor consists of items purchased from Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Sam’s Club. This post has tons of pics. By the way, I also added a few pics of the Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Gift bags stuffed with tissue paper added a touch of whimsy to the table.

The centerpiece is a Christmas Tree I purchased at Dollar Tree.

All the items on the tree were purchased at Dollar Tree, except for the ribbon (Sam’s) and the bird. (Walmart)

To create the napkin I pinched the fabric in the center and added the rubber band. Afterward, I clipped the butterfly to the rubber band. Enjoy, the rest of the pics!

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