Use What You Have Thanksgiving Table Setting

Hello All, and Happy Thanksgiving

While we were waiting on Hurricane Nicole’s arrival. I needed to do something to occupy my time. So, I asked Reginald if I could set the table for Thanksgiving. He agreed.

Since we were stuck inside I decided this would be a great time to create a “use what you have table setting.” To create this type of setting, you pick out items you love and make them work in/with the setting.

The first thing I did was ask Reginald what pieces/items he loved and would like to see on the table.

His response was Orchids, African figurines, Greek Key Stemware, and copper salad plates. I gathered all the items and shopped the house for more items that I thought might work.

I used the Orchids as a starting point and built from there. Initially, I considered using a tablecloth. However, I decided against it. I wanted to show off most of the table’s imperfections.

Before I added the Orchids to the table, I put a scarf down first. The scarf served two purposes. It kept the rocks from falling inside the holes in the table. Secondly, it served as a parameter/boundary to ensure the dinner guests won’t mistake a rock for a piece of turkey. It’s okay to set boundaries. Lol.

Hopefully, when the guests leave all the rocks will be accounted for.

Once the Orchids were installed, the figurines, candles, and rocks came. For a bit of sparkle, I added the gold Christmas ornaments.

The placemats are a win in my book. Even though they are different the two patterns work wonderfully together. You like?

To create the look of the napkin. It was folded lengthwise., and then folded in half. I pinched the napkin in the center and added the napkin ring. Check out the different patterns. Let’s see, there’s a paisley, a diamond, and checks.

The shimmer of the copper salad plates, gold flatware, and gold-rimmed stemware adds a festive yet understated touch of elegance to the reclaimed table.

What do Orchids, African figurines, and rocks have to do with Thanksgiving? If you said Absolutely nothing, I beg to differ. I know this isn’t a typical table setting but who cares?

By using a bit of creativity and what was available we created a custom Thanksgiving Table Setting for the homeowner/Reginald.

So, what do you think? Reginald loves the table and I think It looks amazing. Don’t be afraid of trying something different. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating something that suits your personality/style.

Lovelies, don’t eat too much turkey, and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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