Plans for Decorating my Small Space

Hello all!

Today I am back with ideas/plans for decorating my small space/living area. As you know, I live in a 640 square feet studio apartment. You can see inside here. I have downsized twice in the past four years. So, I am acquainted with living in small quarters.

Even though the space is tiny, I am excited about making this apartment my own. As I write this post, I have a few projects underway. One of the changes I plan to make is to paint. Right now, the walls are green. Since the apartment is shy on windows, I figure the right paint color will lighten things up.

I donated my sofa. What was I thinking? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Back Story

When I moved from north Florida, I donated most of my furnishings. Even my beloved couch. I found her at a thrift shop for $55. I liked the simplicity of the sofa more than anything. That was the reason I purchased it.

I wanted to get the sofa reupholstered, but I never got around to it. Why did I donate one of my favorite pieces of furniture?

Since ya girl gave away most of her stuff, the new apartment would be devoid of furniture for a while. Did I mention I gave away the bed too?

About a month before I moved into my apartment, my friend/realtor Kathie called with some good news. She wanted to know if I could use a sofa and chaise. She stated the items were in mint condition and were free. So, what’s a girl to do that’s furniture less? Say yes, to the dress/furniture!

Well, I said yes to the furniture. However, the pieces are not what I would choose for myself, but that’s ok. I’m looking at the bigger picture. Living in the studio is temporary. I may be here for two years at most. Then I plan to purchase a home. So, I figure, why should I commit to furnishings that may or may not work in my forever home?

I have a set of the wicker baskets pictured above. They are from Pier 1. I purchased them at a thrift store in North Florida for cheap! They are perfect for my small space and will make great side tables.

Sorry fuzzy pic!

I love the look of the Broyhill consoles. When I purchased them, they were brown. They will receive a fresh coat of paint for this makeover too.

Transformation #1

I breathed new life into the chests with a green and yellow paint combo.

Transformation #2

This is how the chests look presently. But they won’t be this way for long. I’ve looked at several paint swatches. However, I haven’t decided on one. Who knows what color I may paint them. You’ll just have to wait and see!

All the items pictured will be used in my tiny living area. By the way, all of the pieces are standard size, There is no apartment-size furniture here.

There are other items that I will use in the space. However, I don’t want to spill all the tea in this post. I figure that way you’ll keep coming back for more, Pretty clever huh?

Lovelies, enjoy the rest of your week!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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