Kitchen Nook Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

How was your Thanksgiving? I enjoyed the day binging on Netflix, and organic dark chocolate covered almonds. Try saying that three times! “Guess what!”

My Cozy kitchen nook is taking shape. If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the before pictures from the previous post.

My Decorating Style

When It comes to decorating, I air on the side of doing what I love. And it works. I am a huge fan of African, Asian, and Indian design with a splash of the tropics. I love found objects, patterns/ texture, and color. Maybe, that makes me a “global” gal. The advantages of this style, there are no hard and fast rules. Just do what inspires you!

***This post contains affiliate links***

Subject to change without notice. Lol! (I am not affiliated with Canva or Photoscissors)


To create my mood board, I saved the items I sourced online to my computer first. Then, I went to and typed the words mood board into the search box. And I picked one. I used the free version. Before I uploaded the pics to Canva, I removed the background of my saved pictures with It’s a background removal tool. ( free version) Next, I uploaded the items I sourced for the project and placed them on the board. The board gives me a general idea of what I need for the space.

There is a high probability the finished design will not look exactly like the inspiration board, but that’s ok. The design isn’t concrete/set in stone. I can make changes if necessary.

Wayfair (not affiliated)

The inspiration board is a great visual. However, I wanted to give a closer look at the selections made thus far.

Wayfair (not affiliated)

The curtains have an ethnic vibe that I love. However, I’m not for sure which pair I like best.

Greenhouse Fabrics

Houndstooth, it’s classic and makes quite the statement. I have an idea for this fabric, but I won’t spill the beans today. So, stay tuned!

I’m still on the fence about this artwork. However, it reminds me of a park I used to visit back home. Circle B Reserve. in Lakeland Fl. If you’re in the area and love nature, give it a visit. I am not affiliated with the reserve. I just think it’s a great place.

I think the gold flatware will add a nice touch to the table. Let’s just say this is an early Christmas present to myself. Besides, Santa said it was ok!

My kitchen nook makeover is moving along. Next week, it’s all about the tabletop. See you then!

Chat soon,

Zsa Zsa

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