5 Quick and Easy Table Setting Ideas for Fall

Happy Fall,

I hope all in well in your neck of the woods, and you are anticipating good things, for the season.

I look forward to this time of year. It signifies that the Holidays are just around the corner, and cool temps are on the way.

Since I live in the Sunshine State, there isn’t a change in the season. One day the leaves are green, and the next day they are gone. Decorating my space for fall allows me to bring the colors of the season inside.

On Monday, I posted one of my Fall Tablescapes. You can read about it here. Today, I’m back with five quick and easy table setting ideas you can customize to your liking. Hopefully, these simple ideas will inspire you to create a fabulous table, darlings.

Number 1 A table for two overlooking the beach, sounds romantic.

I love the aqua, peach, and white place setting. It has a simple elegance. I purchased the placemats at Dillard’s during their extra percentage off sale. I shopped my house and put this look together in no time. All I did was fold the napkin to my liking and added the floral stem. That’s it!

Who says you have to stick to traditional fall colors/themes? I haven’t read that anywhere, have you? When it comes to decorating anything, my motto is “do what you love.” All you have to do is decide what tickles your fancy and start there. The possibilities are endless.

Number 2 Island Life

This setting is a casual but fun look for Fall. It whisk you away to a cabana on some remote island. I gotta stop watching so much TV. The polka dot tablecloth is fabric cut straight off the bolt. I think it adds a playful touch to the table. The raffia placemat screams, ‘it ain’t that serious, we casual up in here”. The plates mimic the colors of Fall, while the white napkin keeps things light and crisp.

Number 3

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. The tablecloth is fabric cut straight off the bolt. I paired it with a zebra placemat. You know how I love animal print!

The bamboo-trimmed plate is a favorite of mine. The salad plate adds a pop of color, and the pumpkin napkin pulls everything together. The patterns compliment each other nicely. Are you ready to set your table?

Number 4

What do you think about this look? It’s a win in my book. I chose an all-white scheme, for this setting. However, the leaf is a clear indicator of the season. This table can take you through the Holiday’s. You can replace the fall leaf with a tiny gift box, or whatever goes with your holiday theme. I call that Christmas in an instant.

I almost forgot! The tablecloth is two lace curtain panels. (pretty) And the placemats/plates are not the same, but that’s ok. They add more interest, texture, and charm to the all-white table. I must confess, the napkin in the glass was not easy at all. Sorry! I played around with it until I got the look I desired.

Number 5

I call this “Fall Gone Wild.” Y’ all, I couldn’t resist. I had to do a table featuring the animal print. The black tablecloth is more fabric cut from the bolt. That’s a reoccurring theme around here. So, go buy some fabric that catches your eye. (on sale, of course) And use it instead of a tablecloth. You won’t regret it.

Can you believe the animal overlay is a throw/blanket? It gives the table an unexpected but needed jolt. I like it. I like it. I really like it! To add a bit of sparkle to the table, I chose a bronze salad plate and a gold pumpkin with bronze and champaign-colored leaves. I will post about the entire table soon.

So, that’s it, my darlings. I hope these 5 Quick and Easy Fall Table Setting ideas inspire you to create a beautiful table to share with family and friends. Happy Fall!

Are you decorating your table for fall? I’d love to hear from you.

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